• 3 seasons sunroom
  • 3 seasons sunroom
  • 3 seasons sunroom


  • More resistant and durable than polymer
  • Does not stain (No special maintenance)
  • Adds real value to the property
  • High brightness
  • 5mm single glass
  • Tempered glass wall for more security
  • Sliding window with screen
  • Maximal ventilation (50% of the opening)

Glass Options

  • Clear glass
  • Tinted gray glass
  • Tinted bronze glass
  • Tinted green glass
  • Tempered glass

Real Glass

The advantages of real 5mm single glass are undeniable, contrary to polymer which is fragile, which tarnishes and stains easily and which has a very limited lifespan (between 5 and 10 years). An added feature is that real glass requires neither maintenance nor replacement.
This system allows us to make openings up to 90 inches in width and 60 inches in height, all custom-made in order to harmonize with your existing house.
Available in clear or tinted glass (in grey, green or bronze tints).