Structure of our Sunrooms and Verandas

In compliance with the Building Code of Quebec, Veranda Plus system consists of a 4 seasons structure with single glasses 3 seasons walls.

  • sunroom aluminum structure
  • real glass opening sunroom
  • sunroom screw piles


  • Existing foundation (Must comply with the building code of Québec)
    • Concrete pillar (sonotube)
    • Traditional foundation with base (wall + footing)


  • Existing floor (Must comply with the building code of Québec)
    • Concrete slab with steel frame
    • Conventional wood frame (ex : 2X10)
  • New floor
    • Conventional wood frame
    • Optional: Floor insulation with urethane foam

Insulated Roof

  • Existing roof (Must comply with the building code of Québec)
    • Possibility of adapting the existing roof to make it consistent
  • New roof
    • Conventional wood frame with truss
    • Choice of color and depth of the roof cornice
    • Color choice of facia
    • Choice of asphalt shingles model
    • Optional: Cathedral roof and ceiling
    • Optional: Ceiling Insulation with wool R-31
    • Several ceiling finishes available


  • Extruded aluminum structural poles carriers
  • Sections of sliding and fixed windows 100% PVC with 5mm glass
  • 4 seasons quality aluminum sliding patio door
  • Extruded white or sand or painted in the color of your choice
  • View possibles configurations »