Model 1 section full glass

All in straight lines with large glass surfaces, our contemporary sunroom will give you a very clear view of your courtyard. You'll feel like you're outdoors all year round, from the comfort of your home.
This contemporary sunroom is made up of fixed tempered glass windows with a height of up to 108'', it is strongly recommended to create 2 openings for better ventilation.

Insulated Roof

  •   Prevents heat to build up in summer
  •   Waterproof and rigid (4 season structure truss)
  •   Several ceiling finishes available
  •   Optional; Cathedral Roof, 1 Pan, 3 Pans or Flat Roof
  •   Complete harmonization with the existing house

4 Seasons Structure

  •   Comply with Quebec Construction Code
  •   Foundation with screw piles
  •   Conventional wood frame floor (2X10)
  •   Conventional wood frame roof (truss)
  •   Wall with extruded aluminum structural poles carriers