Sliding window on fixed glass low wall

More economical than the 3 sections Sunroom, this 2 sections sunroom including a sliding window assembled on a tempered fixed glass low wall, allows to maximize the contribution in light into the sunroom.

  • 3 seasons sunroom
  • 3 seasons sunroom
  • 3 seasons sunroom

Possibles Configurations

Available Colors

  • Extruded White
  • Extruded Sand
  • Painted in the color of your choice

Real glass openings

  • Bronze. gray or green tinted glass
  • Tempered glass
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Insulated Roofing

  • Prevents heat to build up in summer
  • Waterproof and rigid (4 season structure truss)
  • Several ceiling finishes available
  • Cathedral Roof optional
  • Is harmonized with your existing house
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  • Comply with Quebec Construction Code
  • Foundation with screw piles
  • Conventional wood frame floor (2X10)
  • Conventional wood frame roof (truss)
  • Wall with extruded aluminum structural poles carriers
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